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  • We recycle glass, plastic, waste cooking oil and paper. All aluminium cans are recycled.
  • We have introduced low energy lighting where possible and thermostats are fitted to the Guest House’s heating and hot water system. Thus enabling individually controlled radiators in all rooms.
  • In the restaurant, you will notice that we favour the more traditional style of food presentation and do not use individual portion control packaging for milk & preserves. This saves on consumption of both energy and materials.
  • In the bathrooms, individual hair & body shampoo’s are non eco friendly, as they create too much waste. Therefore, although we still use individual soaps, we have a policy of using larger dispensers of the hair and body shampoo’s, which prevent us throwing away scores of plastic containers each year, which have been going to increasingly scarce landfill sites.
  • Towels, please leave these in the bath if you require them changing, as we try to create less laundry if possible.
  • Throughout the Guest House, environmentally conscious paper is used wherever possible. Also in the dining room we no longer use paper napkins.
  • Around the Garden we have introduced Water Butts to collect the gallons of rain water, which pours down on us throughout the year. This is to be used for watering the plants and trees once the drought eventually comes. It is also handy for anybody wishing to wash dirt boots etc, as there is a water butt next to the main entrance. We also have a Bird Box to encourage nesting.
  • Again to save packaging, cleaning materials are all bought in bulk, biodegradable containers and siphoned into smaller, re -usable sprays and dispensers. Eco friendly products being used where ever possible. No aerosols are used at all.
  • Within the premises we have Recycling Bins for guests to deposit used newspapers, plastic and glass bottles, aluminium cans etc. All going some way to helping with our green footprint.
  • We hope you understand our policy and views; it would help greatly, if you could help to save energy wherever possible during your stay with us. Thus helping with your bit towards counter - acting global warming.

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